C6 / 4R100 / E4OD,Forward Drum Power Pack

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New Alto Red Eagle Forward Drum PowerPack.

This is a kit with Red Eagle Hi Performance Friction Clutches and Kolene Steel Plates for the Forward Drum.

It will fit: C6, E4OD and 4R100 for 1966-on.

These plates are Red Eagle high performance clutch plates. These clutches are put through a process where the friction paper is saturated in a phenolic resin, cured, and then saturated a second time in a silicate. The silicate imparts high heat resistance. Red Eagle Clutches: Are designed with a softer, more resilient base paper Assure less wear against opposing steel plates Reduce the inciedence of steel plates

Technical Advise: Always pre-soak all friction elements in recommended ATF for at least 30 minutes before installation.

(Hi-Performance Applications)
(6) 026740 Red Eagle® Friction Plates
(6) 026701AK Kolene® Steel Plates
(1) 026760-630 Top Pressure Plate
(1) 026760A673 Bottom Pressure Plate

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