Dynamic TH-400 Stock Replacement Separator Plate

Price: $32.99
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Need A New Plate?

The TH-400 has been around since the early 60's. Many Have been rebuilt, abused and rebuilt again. Over time the separator plate takes a beating and most times has had the shift timing holes enlarged for quicker shifts.
So Dynamic Racing Transmissions has stepped up and produced a new plate from the original design to replace the rusty, beat up and modified one.
Each plate is laser cut from .030" Mild Steel and includes all the holes that the original plate has. 
As an option, you can select to have the plate modified to perform the "Dual Feed" modification, where the feed hole in the plate is removed, eliminating the opening to feed the center support. This is not the only mod required to complete the dual feed function. Complete instructions are included to walk you through the procedure which requires disassembly of the transmission assembly.
Each kit includes the plate, case and valve body gaskets and instructions.
Please select your plate option above.

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