Here at DYNAMIC, we take all racing transmissions that we build seriously. Whether the transmission is intended for a daily driver, off road trail blazer, drag racer, or street rodder our goal is to give you the best shifting, best performing, and most reliable unit available. Racing transmissions are what we do. Your transmission will be built with and backed by over 30 years of experience. You can count on it.

We build each transmission to work with YOUR application, unlike our competition who is satisfied shipping an "off the shelf unit" that has been assembled by several different people in big runs, hoping it will "kinda" fit your application.

Each DYNAMIC transmission is built to order by one master builder from beginning to end. Then, before it can go out as a DYNAMIC unit, it must pass our stringent dyno-testing parameters.

Given the time and money that most enthusiasts have invested in their ride, the idea to do it once and do it right means more enjoyment, less down time and, in the end, less money spent.

Ask us about REM Polishing for your application. It relieves stress risers and reduces friction for a smoother running unit.