If we had to pick one model of transmission as our favorite here at Dynamic, it would have to be the Ford C4.

No other performance automatic transmission company offers the modifications and variations of the C4 more than Dynamic Racing Transmissions in North Branford CT.

We have spend countless hours, year after year to refine and develop what has become the standard of the industry when it comes to the C4. Many have tried to copy our mods but few have been successful!

The following C4 units are the result of this hard work, whether it be for a street rod or a full race application. Each level of C4 offered follows our idea that all of our transmissions are better than they have to be. Whether to create a safety margin for extra horsepower that often finds its way into the mix within a year or two after a car is completed, or to effectively handle any HP level in conjunction with the rigors of racing and/or 'spirited' street driving.

Although a model C4 is here that will cover just about anyone's C4 needs, we encourage you to call us to talk about your build and the possibility of unlisted modifications and custom considerations. We can build what is just right for you and will help you put together a comprehensive package including bellhousing, converter, cooler lines and fittings — whatever you need to complete your ride. Each item ordered with a transmission, when putting any level package together, is discounted.


DYNAMIC builds the very best racing automatic transmissions anywhere!