Axle Tube Pinning Kit

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Dynamic Racing Transmissions has developed a DIY kit to prevent racers and off roaders from suffering from twisted axle tubes in there Cast Iron axle housings.

From the factory the steel axle tubes are pressed into the cast center housing and tack welded in place. This is fine for production vehicles with unmodified power levels.

The problem begins when better traction is found, causing the axle tubes to rotate in the casting. The old school fix was to weld the mild steel tubes to the cast iron housing. The only problem with this is that it is difficult to weld these two materials successfully without cracking and failure.

The Dynamic solution is to mechanically pin the tubes to the housing using strategically placed Grade 8 bolts to effectively lock the tubes in place.

Our kit includes 8) Grade 8 Fine thread bolts, Grade 8 Lockwashers, a tap and a drill for installation.

Installation can be accomplished with the axle housing in the vehicle, but you must remove the axles and carrier to prevent metal chip contamination.

Complete instructions included.

Instruction Sheet

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